Roof Maintenance Service in Marietta, GA


Roof Maintenance Service in Marietta

Roof maintenance is important to keeping your investment in one tip-top shape for many years to come. In fact, many warranties that accompany a roof from the manufacture void if not properly maintained by their suggestions. Most manufactures suggest common practices that can be achieved by the homeowner to keep their roof to par.

  • Clean gutters and down spouts of any debris- A lightweight bucket or garbage bag can provide great use in removing leaves, branches or old roofing materials from the gutters. An ordinary garden hose will help remove any dirt from the gutter system and prevent clogs in the gutter which can damage your roof from excess water sitting.
  • Check your roof for signs of deterioration- Any broken, missing or damage roofing material should be handled appropriately by a professional roofing contractor. Signs of damage or wear and tear will require repairs and will only worsen over time if not handled in a timely manor. A single missing shingle can cause thousands in damage to your home just from water damage!
  • Removing any trees, shrubbery or branches that hang over or touch your roof is important. Doing so will allow your roof to remain clean and prevents larger debris from falling and damaging your roof.
  • A properly ventilated attic will provide your roof with several years of extra life by keeping the temperature in a reasonable range allowing the roof to breathe.
  • Water marks or wet spots in your home or attic can be signs of a leaking roof whether it is small or large, neither is acceptable and is considered a simple fix, but insanely large cost if not attended too. The water alone will cause growth of mildew and structure integrity.

Always remember the doing the repairs is possible, but can void your roofs warranty. You should always hire your a professional roofer from Marietta, GA who are properly trained professionals who will do the job right. Doing repairs yourself can cause damage to your roof or even worse, to you. Marietta Roofing Contractors can provide roofing cleaning services to restore the look of your roof close to factory color. Offering a full deep clean to remove algae, chimney runs, stains and weathering damage. Read here about metal roofing in Marietta, GA.